Rules Addendum

These are rules I am adding to the game not found in the core book or M:TA. All are subject to scrutiny and revision.

-Any player may, once per session, choose to turn a failure on a roll into a dramatic failure in order to gain 1 experience.

-Bleeding Out: Any wound that causes at least two points of lethal or aggravated damage, and is inflicted by a firearm, blade, claw or any other source that causes deep tissue damage, begins to bleed profusely. The victim suffers one point of bashing damage each turn the wound is left untended. Bleeding victims can be stabilized with a successful Intelligence + Medicine roll, with a -1 dice penalty for each point of lethal damage caused by the initial wound.

-Bone Breakage: Whenever a character rolls an exceptional success on an attack made with a blunt weapon or an unarmed attack, the player chooses one of the target’s bones and shatters it.

-Dangerous Explosives: Characters standing within the Blast Area suffer half again (round down) the flat Damage of the explosive, plus damage rolled. So, a character standing at the point of origin for an explosive with Damage 4 suffers six automatic points of damage plus any successes rolled on four dice. Characters outside the Blast Area of the explosion still suffer the possibility of being hit by flying shrapnel and debris. Roll the Damage rating of the explosive against any character outside the primary radius of the explosion but still within half the Blast Area in yards (round down). An explosion with Blast Area and Damage of 4 inflicts four dice of damage against characters within a 5-6 yard radius of the explosion.

-All-Out Magic: When a mage attacks with a spell, she can use the all-out attack rule to gain +2 on the spellcasting roll at the cost of losing her Defense until her next turn. This option can only be performed in combat, and only on an aimed spell.

-Spending a willpower point will relinquish a spell. However, spending a willpower dot will make it undispellable.

Rules Addendum

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