Mastigos Councilor of the Iron Circle


Like Sonnac, Serreth used to be a member of the Guiding Trinity cabal but has since become Solitarie since its dissolution, After the previous Hierarch’s assassination and the ensuing fighting with the Seers he stepped up to take the place of the Mastigos Councilor and is now the newest member to the group. He has since proven himself as a true exemplar of his path and realm, his policies geared toward teaching mages of the consilium to master themselves and accept their sins and transgressions.

It’s obvious that Serreth harbors a grudge towards Sonnac, though he is still capable of working with the other man.

-“I hear he’s making a bid for Hierarchy, just waiting for the right moment to kill Sonnac.”

-“He’s the one who actually drafted the Accords, Sonnac just took credit for it.”


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