The Accords

The Accords were devised and drafted by Sonnac, Hierarch of the Iron Circle, some years ago in an attempt to keep the powerful mages on both sides of the Seer-Pentacle conflict in Gotham from tearing the city apart and keep the existence of magic a secret. The actual article is long, complicated, and contains no small amount of legalese but the key points are as follows:

-Seers and Pentacle mages may not use magic in a way that would cause harm or death to another.

-Seers and Pentacle mages may engage in the Duel Arcane under the provisions of both ruling councils. Any outcome is to be deemed binding to all parties involved.

-Seers and Pentacle mages are forbidden from attacking, stealing, or grossly interfering with the properties of a mage from the other side.

-Seer and Pentacle mages recognize the four Great Rights of any cabal or pylon that upholds one.

-Seer and Pentacle mages are allowed to defend their interests so long as they do not violate any part of the Accords.

It is common knowledge that the main purpose of the Accords is to keep the Sleepers ignorant, and the more powerful mages on either side from starting a war. Younger and less experienced mages on either side can and have gotten away with fairly minor violations of the Accords, but in the city preventing the War is paramount.

The Accords

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