Bodyguard of the Hierarch


Long red hair and bright green eyes.


Although the Hierarch is forbidden from having a Provost under the Consilium charter, Sonnac has a functional one in Erza, the Crimson Warrior, Bodyguard to the Hierarch. Erza is known to be proficient if not a master of dozens of different weapons and fighting styles, and is an intuitive, intelligent, and dangerous combatant. She takes her job seriously, and is rarely found away from her charge’s side.

“I, the mage known as Erza, do solemnly swear that from this day I will serve the mage known as Sonnac as his bodyguard and protector. I vow to serve him in any manner he sees fit, and to protect him from threats both seen and unseen. Let nothing but death or his own words release me from this vow.”

-“You ever hear the story of how Sonnac met Erza? For real, she was this little orphan chick he found back when he was in the Trinity. He raised her, kept her a secret, even from his cabal. He brainwashed her into becoming his loyal dog, and just waited for her to Awaken after exposing her to his magic. Why else would she be so batshit loyal to him? Bitch worships the ground he walks on.”


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