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Shadow Name: Chimera (short-hands to Chi [pronounced Kai] when in everyday society)
Real Name: Andrew Blackwater
Age: 23
Physical Appearance: Chimera is a rather unassuming young man in stature. He stands at roughly 5’7" and has a lean build, clearly not someone who weight trains on a regular basis, but one might guess he runs often. His ancestry is apparent when looking at him. He has black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. He keeps his hair cut short, more practical than anything. He tends to dress in a more edgy fashion, with gauged ears and wearing dark colors. He also has a tendency to wear native jewelry, as well.
Frequently located: The Mysterium Athanaeum, his home by the woods at the edge of town

Cabal: No formal name yet
Order: The Mysterium
Path: Thyrsus
-Spirit: 3
-Prime: 2
-Life: 1
Mentor: Mara
Magical Style: Western Shamanism
Magical Tools:
-Dedicated Path Tool: A yew wand bound in black leather
-Spirit-Based Tool: Bison horn bracelet
-Prime-Based Tool: Turquoise ring
-Life-Based Tool: Freshly drawn blood


Before the Awakening: Andrew was born on November 29 to Jane and Frank Blackwater. He grew up loved by his parents even though they never had much. Then again, many native people didn’t have much in the grand scheme of things, but they still made do. He grew up in the company of the Cherokee community. A small, tight-knit community who still venerate old traditions in the modern world. He has always had a fascination with the old legends opposed the other children his age which were more concerned with all the modern conveniences. That and his love for all things nature made him a natural choice to become the next shaman.

His mentor of the time was named Old Joseph, well, just Joseph, but he was old, so he was Old Joseph. Not that they did anything necessarily mystical during Andrew’s training, but Andrew began to learn the stories and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. There were a few led vision quests here and there, which always made Andrew nervous. He had a problem with letting go for much of his early life, attributing mostly to anxiety.

He decided to further his education by studying animal sciences in college. His anxiety followed him into college. He felt incredibly awkward and somewhat out of place. To be fair, he really had not found his identity yet beyond being a member of his tribe. It was in college that he discovered that he was gay, but he was still too nervous to really do much about it.

After graduating, he decided to take some time to himself to really find himself in the world. He felt like this was the best time, he had no current school obligations, he just got a job as a veterinary technician, and he had just returned home. Granted he was going to be getting a place for himself soon, he decided that it was time for his first vision quest on his own with the blessings of Old Joseph.

The Awakening: He was ready. At least, he had been telling himself that for days. Anxiety was always present. His mentor, Old Joseph, sent him off on his journey to find his truth in the universe. This would be his first vision quest on his own, his own soul to guide him along the path. The woods were not quiet that night, he remembered. It was if all of the beasts within were out to observe him. But hey, no pressure, right? Before leaving, he inhaled the vapors of the herbal mixture that the shaman had prepared for him.

The effects weren’t obvious at first. He walked into the woods, letting himself be guided by impulse and feeling. He started with what felt familiar and decided to head to the stream that ran not far out from the entrance to the woods. But that was the last real conscious decision he made that night. His flesh tingled as the wind brushed against it; it was as if the very air he breathed was alive and courting him. Surprisingly, he let out a giggle before going into full sprint, following where the wind blew, as if he was chasing a lover in a game of tag.

As he ran, he lost the path, not realizing he was deeper in the wild than he’s been previously. Still he ran, chasing the wind. The noises around him began to grow more strange, a choir of sounds he has not previously encountered. His pulse began to beat like drums in his ears, the high still rushing through his head. Finally the wind grew still and he felt confident in himself. Instinct began to take over. Some of those sounds he heard? They didn’t sound happy but they did sound close. The pulse beat differently now. Fear.

He ducked low, partially hidden by the brush, his eyes darting around. He was at the edge of a clearing. The woods were no longer woods, it was a jungle out here His instincts were on fire. If he ran out into the open, he would surely be spotted. He looked up, the trees were impossibly tall and way more exotic than he remembered. The moon was stunningly bright and seemed so much larger here. The sounds came again, snapping him out of the hypnotic gaze of the moon; he had to move.

Keeping low, he darted from tree to tree, trying to catch a glimpse of everything around him. He saw creatures lurking in the dark that could not have existed, should not have existed. It was in this moment, he truly began to feel small. His form pressed against the tree as he watched these beasts with absolute curiosity. That was until the tree moved. He panicked and it was good that he did. As soon as he darted to the side, a large branch came down to smack at the spot he was just in. He couldn’t process what was going on, he knew he now had to run. Something spotted him.

Running faster and harder than he ever thought possible, he sprinted around the clearing, jumping over the undergrowth, dashing, and climbing with more grace than he would have thought possible. His instincts screamed again. He ducked. A hulking beast flew over him, intent on crashing into him with it’s massive form. It was almost impossible to see, it’s flesh black as night. What he could see was the gleaming of its eyes. It had multiple heads, of creatures that might have made sense if they weren’t all connected. One head was, well somewhat close, to looking like a jaguar. Another was that of a demonic looking goat. A third was that of a terrible dragon. That’s when he heard the hissing. The beast’s tail reared up, showing a large snake in place of the tail. The creatures wings spread, preparing another dash at the young man.

Something else clicked in him. Survival. He turned and ran back towards the tree that he was hiding behind, the beast close on his trail. He roared out as he dodged a swipe from one of it’s massive claws and began to punch at the trunk of the tree, circling it. He pressed his form up against the tree, front facing the beast. It held for a moment, almost as if savoring the kill. It dove at him and he dove to the side, just in time for another branch to crash down on the beast. It yelped but got back up. That wasn’t going to be enough to subdue this beast.

He continued his escape around the edge of the clearing, darting in and out to try to dodge the blows that were coming from the beast. He managed to put some distance between the two, which led him to climb one of the tall trees. The prey would become the predator. He snapped a large, sharp branch nearby and waited. The beast slowed itself, sensing that the young man was nearby. It stalked under his tree, following the scent. He crawled further along the branch to re-position himself. Before the beast looked up to catch a glimpse of him, he dropped straight down, aiming the sharp branch between the beast’s shoulder blades. The branch sunk into the beast’s flesh and it yelled out a cry of pain, blood spurting out of the wound onto Andrew. He prepared himself for a counterattack but the beast threw him off and put distance between the two. It circled back around, locking eyes with him. He was confused. He didn’t see rage behind those eyes but recognition. The snake pulled the branch out of the back of the beast and the beast ran off further into the Wilds.

He could hear it again. The drumming. But it wasn’t just his heartbeat this time. It was within him, yes, but coming from somewhere outside of him, as well. He followed the beat until he could also hear the crashing of waves. The jungle let him out at a large cliff overlooking the most impossible looking ocean. The waves moved as if they were soldiers at war with the coast, crashing ferociously down onto the sand. It was as if he could hear the roar of armies embroiled in battle. But the beat was coming from the tower that lay before him. It was a large, phallic structure made out of some kind of dark stone, wrapped in thorns. His instincts screamed that he had to go inside, despite the danger of the thorns. He entered, stepping carefully across the threshold. No matter how careful he were to step, thorns would still tear at his flesh as he climbed the stairs of the tower. The closer he came to the top, the louder the drumming was. Finally, he entered an incredibly large room. He was at the top. Flames burned, showing him images painted all over the walls of different beasts, ones he recognized and many he didn’t. He saw an image of the beast that he fought off in the jungle. That was when a compulsion over took him. Taking from the blood that was on his body, he spelled what he presumably thought his name was by the creature. He wasn’t entirely sure he even was spelling a word opposed to drawing something. The drumming finally stopped and his form became weary. His weariness turned to outright enervation; his formed collapsed as the call for sleep was too much for him to bear.

When he opened his eyes, the sun was overhead and he was by the stream. He felt something else inside of him. There was an emptiness after that experience, but there was still some power left over from it. He could feel it just as he could feel the drumming in his chest. He knew that his vision quest was a success. What he would come to learn is that it was far more of a success than he could ever realize. And he knew one thing, he certainly wasn’t nervous anymore.

Post-Awakening: It actually wasn’t terribly long before the Consilium found him. It would have come as a surprise to him, but not much counted as strange to him lately. Apparently, they were typically good at that stuff to some degree. He went along with it because it seemed like the most reasonable option. He felt a burning thirst to gain that knowledge back, to explore what this world really had to offer. He needed to recreate that feeling again.

He gained a mentor, like any new mage. Her name was Mara and ((CONTINUE THIS)). She explained the importance of having a shadow name. He immediately knew which name he wanted to use. He chose the name of Chimera, the name of the beast he faced down in the Primal Wilds. His acknowledgement of the beast and it’s in turn helped shape him into the new, confident man that he found in the Wilds.

Eventually, Chimera chose to join the Mysterium over the other orders. Even though he resonated with the Arrow’s mission and understood the Free Council’s need for freedom and equality, the Mysterium held the greatest interest to him. It was almost instinctual. The Mysterium was built around finding artifacts and knowledge, to treat this knowledge with respect. It represented everything he wanted out of the Awakened society. It wasn’t long before they sent him on errands. However, Mara wasn’t entirely set on sending him on his own at first. So she pulled in a favor; another young mage was enlisted to help guard Chimera from the potential threat of any low ranking Seers (or worse). Thus, Eldon was recruited to help him on his first mission. However, they ended up becoming friends during their expedition, leading them to team up on more missions as time went on. Eventually, Chimera met a mage named Josh R who he found to be relatively ingenious when it came to hunting down information, leading to yet another friendship.


Positive Traits: Chimera is noted for being honorable due to his code of ethics surrounding how he largely governs his life. Being raised by a tribe focused on community and venerating life and the world, he has developed a strong conviction for what he believes in. While he does consider himself ethical, he may not always be lawful, since laws do not always represent what is right from wrong. He is known for treating others as equals, staying humble, and keeping his word.

He is also known for being spiritual. His Awakening only served to reinforce his beliefs about the nature of the universe, that each being is an organism operating under a grand design. Life is precious to Chimera and he still upholds the shamanistic practices of his tribe, even in his modern life.

The Thyrsus is also known for his unique and uninhibited nature. He is boisterous and supportive of his friends and family. He is a free spirit who chooses his own path regardless of what had come before him and what is to come after. He is naturally adventurous and wants to explore new places and ideas. His open nature can come across as crass to more reserved folks, but he does try to not be too abrasive.

Negative Aspects: Initially, the young man can be somewhat obsessive and a bit of a workaholic. He buries himself in whatever he’s doing because much of his esteem is built around his success in whatever he does. His compulsion to work will sometimes even sabotage relationships, other responsibilities, or his own health just to finish a project or find a way to prove himself.

When times get too tough, Chimera has a tendency to be self-indulgent. His alternative lifestyle and uninhibited nature turn dark when he wants to escape, when responsibilities or life become too much. He’s not restricted to one mean of indulging his gluttony, it may be an overindulgence in recreational drugs, alcohol, or even sexual exploits. Generally, this gives him somewhat of a reprieve to re-engage in whatever it was that he was doing.


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